Friday, May 30, 2008

Strawberry Picking!

We have enjoyed lots of strawberries this season, but none were as good as the ones we picked at Eckert's Farm. Caitlyn and I went with some other families from the Kirk to pick strawberries before the season was over.The fields were full of ripe plump strawberries. It was hard to stop picking because they all looked so delicious. I put Caitlyn in the baby carrier, and I got quite a workout from squatting and standing over and over as we picked.
We got to take a "hayride" of sorts from the field back to the barn, and it was a challenge to load three stollers onto a tractor-pulled trailer bed. The other biggest challenge was to keep Caitlyn from eating the strawberries. By the end of the morning, she was melting down...most likely from the heat, her hungry tummy, and a missed morning nap.

Back at the barn, we paid for our strawberries (Caitlyn and I picked a little less than two pounds), and we ate lunch in the shade. Everyone (except Caitlyn) enjoyed an ice cream cone and we were able to get all the kids to sit together for a picture before we headed home. A little lunch helped them all feel better, I think.
Here is Caitlyn with our basket of berries...she couldn't keep her hands off!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Graduation, Graduation

The weekend of May 16 was a busy one for the Spink family. Will graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary on Friday night, May 16, and Mary Taylor graduated from Evangelical Christian School Saturday morning, May 17! Congratulations, Will and Mary Taylor!

We were thrilled to have Billy and Marsha, "Granddad and Marme," in town to celebrate with us. We were able to do several special things with them before they turned around and headed back to Memphis for MT's graduation. Granddad certainly loves being with Caitlyn!

The rare kiss from Marme, caught on camera. (Okay, so maybe they're not so rare.)
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Le Bonne Bouchee before baccalaureate on Thursday evening. Marme stayed at our apartment with Cailtyn during the service because Caitlyn was getting over a virus and couldn't be in the nursery. I'm pretty sure they had a great time! Thanks again, Marme.

On Friday we went to Forest Park for a picnic and a visit to the Saint Louis Zoo. Fortunately it was a beautiful day, and lots of the animals were out. I think Caitlyn's favorite parts were watching the train go by and smiling at Marme and Granddad.

Marme took Caitlyn down Art Hill to see the fountains after our picnic lunch.

Later that night was Will's graduation from CTS, held at First Evangelical Free Church in St. Louis. It was exciting to have Will's parents in town for graduation, and especially to have Billy there as a representative of the board of trustees when the diplomas were awarded. Here is the proud family of the new graduate:

The robing ceremony:

After a few hours of sleep that night, Will, Caitlyn, and I hopped in the car and drove to Memphis to celebrate Mary Taylor's high school graduation. It was a busy day, filled with parties, of course. We were thankful to see Nana, Grandmom, Granddad, Alison, Bunyan, Carly, and Taylor, and we enjoyed an amazing drop-in at the Friedmans' home. Mary Taylor looked beautiful as a high school graduate!

Caitlyn enjoyed time with her aunt MT and Nana. (She enjoyed time with her Aunt Kristen and Uncle Peter as well, but somehow we didn't get any pictures!)

Here she is with Great-Grandmom and Great-Granddad at the drop-in.

We returned home to St. Louis that night. (Yes...that qualifies us as crazy). We were absolutely exhausted, but we were glad we made the trip to Memphis. Thankfully, Caitlyn was pleasant during the entire trip, even with little sleep, and she recovered quickly once we were home again. It was an exciting weekend. Congratulations, graduates!

A note to Daddy:
We love you, Will, and we are so proud of you! You have worked so hard over the past three years, not only studying, but also taking care of us. We cannot thank you enough for being such a wonderful husband, father and provider while also maintaining such a workload at school. We look forward to seeing where the Lord takes us from here! Love, Christy and Caitlyn