Friday, June 27, 2008

Wade in the Water

As the summer days pass and the job search continues to stretch on, we are trying to fill our days with as many activities as possible to keep our minds off the situation. Since Caitlyn loves water so much, we decided to check out the fountains and wading pools at Tower Grove Park.
Photo from the website:
Photo from the Spink camera (didn't do it justice):
It was another hot summer afternoon, so we lathered her up with sunscreen and attempted to get her to wear a hat (to no avail). We managed to get one picture before she removed the hat. She actually tolerates the sunglasses for about 5 seconds before taking them off and handing them back.
We started at the "pop jets," and the water was chilly. It didn't take Caitlyn long to get used to it, though. It's hilarious to watch her as the water sprays. She gets so excited and bounces up and down.
Next we tried the wading pools. Caitlyn loved to sit in the water and splash. There were lots of other families there and Caitlyn was mesmerized by the older kids running around and splashing nearby.
We thought this picture was hilarious...
After playing in the water, we headed over to the playgrounds where we caught some great giggles on video (our apologies for any motion sickness you may experience from watching!).

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saturday Morning at the Missouri Botanical Gardens

One of the many great things to do in St. Louis is visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Admission is free on Wednesday and Saturday mornings for St. Louis County residents, and the gardens are beautiful this time of year, so we decided to go as a family one Saturday morning. The first thing we saw on our way to the Children's Garden was a fox! He ran right across the path in front of us. There were people all around, including children playing, so it was a little scary that there was a fox running around. Fortunately, he kept going and didn't bother anyone.
We headed for the Children's Garden is spectacular. It has a giant treehouse/fort with slides and rope ladders and caves and streams all around. Caitlyn can't fully appreciate it yet, but Will and I had fun!
The part of the gardens that Caitlyn seemed to enjoy the most was the fountains. She loved sitting beside the spraying water and trying to touch it when it shot out.
Just as we were leaving the Children's Garden, we discovered a secret little garden in the back corner. It was closed, but we had to take a picture at the gate...Marmee's Garden.
My favorite part of the Botanical Gardens is the reflection pool with the Chihuly exhibit. Now that Caitlyn is sitting up we could take some pictures of her in front of the colorful glass sculptures.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Atherton courtyard...we're going to miss you

Now that the weather is finally warm, we spend a lot of time outside in the courtyard. Sometimes we just sit on a blanket and play, sometimes I get a chance to read by myself, sometimes we pull out the grill (or grills for the wonderful Atherton cookouts!), and sometimes we play in the kiddie sprinklers. The Atherton courtyard holds many memories for us, and when we move out at the end of the summer, we will certainly miss it.

Caitlyn loves to be outside, so we often take a blanket out in the afternoon when she is cranky. It cheers her right up!

We recently pulled out the "sprinkler" on a hot afternoon. The water was really chilly, but the kids didn't seem to mind.
We put Caitlyn in a little plastic seat near the spray. We expected her to fuss because the water was so cold, but she just played in it. When the wind blew, the water splashed in her face, but she didn't even fuss about that. I was impressed with our little fish.
Here is Caitlyn with the "big kids" in the neighborhood, Evan and Ella. She just loves to watch them play.