Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Halloween Pics...a couple months too late...sorry Mimi

Proud of her ladybug costume:

Pictures from the Harvest Hay Day at Southwood:
She loved the blow-up bouncing thing:

With her fellow bumble bee, Winnie!

Pictures from Trick-or-Treating in our new neighborhood:
In the wagon and ready to go:

Daddy was more excited about the candy than Caitlyn:

Here is part of the group we went around with. It's so great to be in a neighborhood with new friends!
Caitlyn and Daddy at a neighbor's door:
Up next: Pictures from the Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby Steps: Long, long, long overdue, I know

Let me start by apologizing for not updating this thing in a long time. I'm so sorry. I am hoping that will change soon. They are coming to set up our internet connection on Tuesday, Dec. 16, and I promise to be more consistent after that. You have it in writing now.

Thank you to everyone who continues to check our blog in hopes of finding something other than the little red wagon. I hope you haven't all stopped checking since it's been so long! I owe you lots of pictures and videos, and they'll be up soon.

In the meantime, here is the video that everyone (well, at least the grandparents) is waiting for...Caitlyn is WALKING! Finally (as of Dec. 10)! This is in the "few steps at a time" stage. She is moving much more confidently now.

And here is the video of the beginnings of a fit she threw because she was tired of performing for Mama and the camera. Enjoy!