Monday, April 6, 2009

Backwards, like Ella

Back in February, our friends Ben and Anna came to Huntsville for a visit. Ben was speaking at Southwood's High Life Winter Retreat, so we got to spend some time with Anna and Ella and Drew. Ella is about 7 months older than Caitlyn is, and when they play together I can already tell that Caitlyn "looks up to" Ella...if that's possible at this age.

At the time we were trying to teach Caitlyn how to go down the steps safely. She was great at crawling up, but made us extremely nervous when attempting to come down. Ella, of course, had mastered stair-climbing, and she was a great example for Caitlyn. We encouraged Caitlyn to go down the steps backwards, like Ella, on her hands and knees. We began using that phrase every time Caitlyn approached the steps, "Go down backwards, like Ella." After a few days, Caitlyn finally got it and is now able to go up and down the stairs without giving Will a heart attack each time. The funny thing now is that every time she comes to the top of any steps, she says, "Ella," and then turns around and climbs down.

So, Ella, we thank you for teaching Caitlyn such a valuable lesson. And now we think of you and your family every time we are near a staircase.