Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Story of the Little Pink Cast

It was Presidents' Day.  Caitlyn had the day off from preschool, and the weather was unseasonably warm.  I thought perhaps we would call some friends and go to the park to play late morning.  After cleaning up the kitchen and picking up the toys downstairs, I headed up the stairs with Allie to get her dressed for the day.

And that's when it happened.  I tripped on the next to last step and flung myself and Allie down. My first thought was a relieved, "Thank goodness she didn't hit her head!" She had a scratch on her face - I think it was from my own hand grazing her cheek as I tried to break our fall.  She was crying pretty hard and seemed to be in pain.  I put ice on her cheek, gave her some ibuprofen, and tried to calm her down, but she was inconsolable (and I was pretty torn up myself).

That's when I stripped off her pajamas to check for any signs of bruising or bleeding.  Everything looked fine except her right foot.  It was red and quite warm, but not swollen.  She wouldn't let me touch it, even to put ice on it.  As she began to calm down I noticed she wouldn't put weight on that foot or even crawl on that leg.  And I knew something must have been broken (cue second round of tears for mom).

Shortly after it happened Allie fell asleep in my arms. She hasn't done that since she was tiny.    

Fast forward several hours and doctor's appointments (and tears) later, and it was confirmed.  She had two small fractures in her ankle and a bright pink cast from her toes up to her mid-thigh.  She was surprisingly brave through most of the day, but she stayed snuggled close as we went to each appointment (which is unlike her).  We had a follow-up appointment after a week, and the x-rays showed another crack in her tibia closer to her knee (just when I thought the tears were behind us).  Thankfully, her original cast was protecting it just fine and it was aligned correctly and healing appropriately.

An exhausted Allie is sporting her newest pink accessory.

She is handling life with a cast really well.  The first few days were hard.  She had trouble sleeping and didn't use the leg much.  But over time, she adjusted to the extra weight and is now crawling with ease and even pulling up and "cruising" around the furniture.  We have been so blessed by all the family and friends who have called, prayed, visited, brought us meals and flowers and balloons, and offered words of encouragement.  We are doing so much better and hope that the cast will come off in just a couple of weeks.

One of Daddy's socks keeps her toes warm (and protects the floors).
After a few days she was already able to pull up and put weight on the cast.  She'll do whatever it takes to "share" some goldfish with her big sister.